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The East of Birmingham is largely deprived area, and our project locations are in the bottom 10% of poverty within England. Our project will enable young people to develop physical and social skills through a variety of creative and specifically designed activities. It will also remove barriers for young people to partake who may have previously been unable to do so due to their cultural sensitivities. We will unite young people from different cultures through regular interaction of physical activity and a culmination event that encourages community cohesion. As a Community Interest Company, we want to continue to combat bullying, anti-social behaviour and knife crime in Birmingham!

We want to impact their lives by giving them opportunities in sports that they might not always see due to the cultural; educational and religious barriers they sometimes face. All sessions will fit around suitable hours, in a safe environment and lead by female coaches. Our mission is to unite; inspire; and empower young people through transformative power of cricket. All sessions will be open to all abilities; regardless of their background in cricket we hope to introduce them to sports as a fun social get together and to boost morale. This project will address the key emphasis on issues around community cohesion; equality & peace messages and how people can work together to understand and address stereotypes and discrimination.


We run female led sessions to various locations, schools and provide 1-1 Coaching for anyone who wants to progress in the world in sport.

Our objectives are TALENT, WORKFORCE and GRASSROOTS. 

TALENT – To empower young cricketers from black; Asian and other under-represented ethnic groups to access and progress through the talent pathways. 

WORKFORCE- To increase the diversity of our coaching staff; and to provide development opportunities for coaches from under-represented ethnic backgrounds.  GRASSROOTS- To inspire more cricketers from under-represented ethnic groups to believe cricket is a game for them; and to be proactive in overcoming barriers to entry


Since 2012 we have hosted 11 national Events and delivered inspirational talks to various audiences.

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