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A Testimonial from a player at our 50 Ball Women’s Cricket Tournament

JazaakAllah khairun Your passion and hospitality was heartouching and the ladies had so much fun.  What a day !?! Sums up the spirit of cricket – cricket a game for all🏏🙌🏼 Fun and competition rolled into one! Missed my lovely ladies who couldn’t make it today, celebrated the ones that did, and inspired by the kindness of YOU the hosts and ability of the other teams✨

 I totally forgot to get our wicket keeper to try gloves. She’s never used them before, That’s the next step for her!

The young girl that got the pads has just started to reconnect with cricket, she took two wickets today. She was really proud of her achievement and beaming. Her mum is a player for us too and had an injury and always puts her daughter forward. She wants her daughter to play for Trent Rockets iA!

Jenny felt left out socially from our group due to language. But today her father drove us up in the car and we bonded on the way. She managed to bat in both matches and was Not out. Everyone loved her- she was getting hugs left right and Centre!

Two mothers who spend the majority of their weeks chauffeuring their children to cricket matches actually played a match for THEMSELVES 🙌🏼

Today four U16’s from Nottingham bonded with each other due to shared big moments and mutual respect in a match played in Birmingham!

I overheard them wanting to train together and giving each other tips in the nets… this is what you call team- building and developing the cricket community through positivity and inspiration. This is exactly what I wanted the national tournament to be about- Bond and inspire to Develop👌🏼

Well done, Salma, it’s not just words, and visions- these are actual realities – you are definitely doing your bit to transform their lives and sporting opportunities and expectations.

Samiah Haleem